After leaving from Kelon in 2005, Yang Hongchun joined Jiu Jiuya to learn from Gu Qing and Liang Xinke how to transform from an entrepreneur to a professional manager. It took Zhang Guoqiang nearly a year to visit with more than 100 university classmates, walk through the streets of Wuhan, and write three versions of business plans. He believes that there were objective opportunities of “two foundations and one contradiction” in the market at that time: First, the foundation for upgrading consumer demand, and customers demanding snacks with better quality and better enjoyment of life; The distinctive foundations in various places have begun to take shape; a contradiction is the contradiction between the continuous upgrade of consumers, the demand for quality, and the all-round and pan-dominant hypermarket-oriented, non-professional quality supply model; And a contradiction is that Liangpinpu is the soil for professionalization of snack food sub-categories and retail chain branding.

In 2006, more than 60 kinds of products were prepared. The founders of Liangpinpu opened their first store opposite Wuhan Plaza on August 28.