After 7 years of development, it has grown into a large-scale local specialty snack food manufacturer in Sichuan that integrates research and development, production, sales and promotion. It is the drafting of the National Standards for Nuts Roasted Food and the General Standards for Labelling of Prepackaged Foods. One of the units. In 2008, the sales income reached several hundred million yuan. Was listed in the Chengdu large group, large enterprise training list.
The company has successively established a series of “Huiji” brand products that are dominated by Huipai roasting technology and a series of “Hoba Food” brand products that are dominated by Bashu leisure culture, including sunflower seeds, crisps, dried tofu, peanuts, fruit , Peas, pistachios, etc., are highly respected and loved by consumers. In order to provide consumers with green and healthy food, the company has established hundreds of thousands of acres of high-quality raw material production bases in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other places, and actively promoted the development of the local economy by way of companies and farmers.