Shanxi Bailaoda Food Co., Ltd. is a food processing company with almonds as its leading product. It has won various awards many times, and “Bai Bo” is a famous trademark in Shanxi Province.

Guangling County has 10,000 acres of high-quality almond bases. It is known as the golden point of almond growth. Its Doosan almonds are full of grains, high in trace elements, and crispy in taste. It is known as the almond of China. It is a geographical indication protection product approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in which Doosan Almond won the International Gold Award. The Bai Laoda company processes 3,200 tons of high-quality Doosan apricot kernels annually, which has a prominent position in the national almond industry.

In recent years, we have developed nut snacks, fruit cakes, and other snack foods. Become a well-known brand for all ages. Loved by the masses, they have jointly promoted the solid and long-term development of the value of the brand. Adhering to the corporate development philosophy of “high quality, healthy, delicious, and safe”, the company will provide safe and delicious healthy food to more consumers.